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LIZ AND DEVIN Denton Texas Engagement Session


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Liz and Devin will be married forever! I met Liz at Zera Coffee in Denton while having a consultation meeting with another bride.  She slipped over to me just as I was wrapping up and said that she'd love to have me as her wedding photographer.  This has never happened before, sure, someone might ask for a business ecard, but not hire me without seeing any of our work.  I was humbled to know that her stout decision was based on how much the client I was meeting with was so determined to hire us for her wedding, sehe was done looking at photographers and had come to her final decision.  Liz said she loved how I communicated and responded to our client 's questions and concerns and that she wanted to be guided in the wedding day process as well.  Liz and Devin are one of the youngest couples I have captured.  Their love is genuine and original, knowing none other, they first dated each other and kept by each other's sides all through high school.  Their smiles are infectious and I hope that you enjoy and see their love captured within these images.  Liz and Devin, it is my prayer that God so richly bless you in everything that you touch and do, stay united as one with Jesus as your Lord, and you'll always be full of His great love!

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