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ANNA AND KAMERON Grapevine Texas Engagement Session


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Anna and Kameron are first responders who have their first love in each other.  Anna is a nurse who loves to serve others and is dedicated to enriching other's lives with her medical expertise.  Kameron is a fire fighter, a handsome charmer and a momma's boy.  These two firmly believe in putting other's lives before their own and wouldn't have it any other way.  Their engagement session started in old town Grapevine Texas, bursting with flavor and eclectic boutiques.  We wondered around the rustic area on a leisurely walk and then visited the Grapevine Vintage Railroad to capture some fashion inspired portraits of this beautiful couple. Their fun and vitality showed during a daring and friendly arm wrestling match. Their session came to a close as we grabbed some sweet memories by the lake in Katie's Woods.  Anna has been following our photography online for quite some time and her most generous, kind and amazing mother told us that Anna always mentioned to her, "Cola Photography is going to photograph MY wedding someday." Anna and Kameron, it is my prayer that God so richly bless you in everything that you touch and do, stay united as one with Jesus as your Lord, and you'll always be full of His great love!

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