Cola Photography Dallas Wedding Photography | JESSICA AND EFRAIN's little chapel in the woods wedding
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JESSICA AND EFRAIN's little chapel in the woods wedding


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I consider it absolutely wonderful when I am referred to a couple by one of their friends. Word of mouth, grass roots marketing is the golden ticket for any small business.  Cola's relationship with Jessica and Efrain began simply because previous friends and neighbors of ours trusted us and our work, even though we had never done any photography for them.  Our couple had a beautiful day to tie the knot, although what wedding isn't without it's delays?  Imminent weather threatened to interrupt their matrimony held in the lavish gardens of the Little Chapel in the Woods, located on the glorious campus of Texas Woman's University.  We waited patiently to know for certain we could proceed, and the extra time allotted us to capture some additional portraits.  Jessica's subtle and natural beauty was magnificently captured within the garden setting before their ceremony began.  Close family and friends were in attendance to help celebrate their joyous accord!  We pray that God so richly blesses you in everything that you touch and do, stay united as one with Jesus as your Lord, and you'll always be full of His great love!

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